As a reminder, we’re currently renewing leases for the 2018–2019 lease year! Kent State is a fast growing community and, as a result, housing is scarce. Make sure to renew your lease as soon as possible to ensure you receive the lowest rate possible.

We’re well on our way to completing our extensive clubhouse renovations. We appreciate your patience during this time and look forward to unveiling the end result for you all to enjoy!

Maintenance Tips

Need something fixed? Put in a service request in one of two ways: Call the office during regular office hours, or submit online via your resident portal at Please keep in mind that our maintenance team has limited hours on weekends unless it is an emergency, so don’t be alarmed if your request isn’t handled until Monday.

Reminders & Updates

Here are some tips for a successful year at Campus Pointe:

Rent is due on the 1st of each month. Luckily, you have until the 3rd to pay your rent before late fees begin accruing on the 4th at 8 a.m. Payments can be dropped in the rent dropbox in the foyer between the sets of glass doors after hours, as well. If you have any questions regarding the payment portal or about your account, please see Jackie Grant in the office or email her at [email protected].

We’re towing! If you haven’t received your parking pass for this year, please stop by the office to do so.

Locked out or have a maintenance emergency? Remember, there is always a Community Assistant on call! Just call (330) 673-2202, wait for the list of options, and dial 9. You’ll be connected with the Community Assistant who will be able to assist you.


Building a Career in College

College is such a busy, crazy time for many people that focusing on the here and now is all most can do. Well, good news! There are several ways to incorporate career building into your everyday busy life. By taking the following steps, you’ll be on your way to creating a successful future for yourself:

  • Visit your university’s career center. Employers are focusing more and more on experience and skills rather than just good grades. Get in touch with organizations through the career center to branch out and participate in different activities you normally wouldn’t have. This gives you a chance to explore your major and others, and see what you’re truly passionate about.
  • Evaluate yourself. Your future employer will want to know why you’re a good fit for their company. College is about finding your strengths and weaknesses — take time now to figure out your skills, values, personality traits, and interests. Learning about yourself will help prepare you for interviews when you’re hit with the question, “What do you think you will excel at the most in this position?”
  • Challenge yourself. The more you’re willing to get out of your comfort zone, the more likely you’re to overcome your weaknesses. Apply for the part-time job at your apartment complex you normally wouldn’t apply for, or take that theater class you’ve always wanted to take. By challenging yourself, you’re building important skills and personality traits that will help you rise within your field.
  • Take your work seriously. Whether you have a part-time job or volunteer, take the experience seriously. You can use previous supervisors for references when you are beginning your career. It will pay off in the long run to succeed in the workplace by building useful skills that you’ll have for life.
  • Find a mentor. Find someone who is doing what you want to do. You can search on LinkedIn to get connected and network with others in your field who are also passionate about what they do. Talk to your professors and pick their brains as to why they chose the career they did. Once you find a mentor, everything can change. You become more motivated to succeed in something you love doing because you have someone who makes the experience a million times better.


Community Events

Food Drive — All Month — In light of the recent hurricanes hitting the Gulf Coast, we’re running a monthlong food drive to help replenish food banks in the coast! Donations can be brought to the clubhouse.

Resident of the Month Drawing — November 3 — Each month, we’ll select a resident of the month! Watch our social media for the winner.     

Waffle Wednesday — November 15 @ 6 p.m. — Waffle bar? Black Friday shopping? Now you can do both! Join us in the clubhouse for our waffle bar! Everyone who joins us will be entered for a chance to win a $50 Visa gift card to make Black Friday a little more fun!

Campus Pointe Fall Pie Festival — November 20 @ 7 p.m. — Bring your furry friend up to the clubhouse to pick up a special treat! We love all our residents — especially the furry ones!

Kent State vs. Akron @ Akron — November 21 — It’s the biggest game of the season! The Kent State Golden Flashes will take on the University of Akron Zips at InfoCision Stadium! Get your tickets and transportation information online at

Cyber Monday Open House — November 27 — Stop by the clubhouse to enjoy a bite to eat! Take advantage of our Cyber Monday specials and renew your lease!